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Washington State University Ombuds

Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington State University Office of the University Ombudsman is to provide an impartial, neutral and confidential process that facilitates fair and equitable resolutions to concerns that arise within the university. The primary purpose of the office is to protect the interests, rights and privileges of students, staff and faculty at all levels of university operations and programs. The ombudsman’s office has the authority and responsibility to informally investigate academic and non-academic concerns referred to the office. The Ombudsman serves as a source for the provision of information relating to University policies and procedures and facilitates the resolution of problems and grievances through informal investigation and mediation. The Ombudsman makes recommendations and initiates processes to effect policy change that might serve to prevent future grievances. Because the Ombudsman’s Office is separate from the university’s administrative structure, the office neither has legitimate decision-making authority nor power to judge or enforce. The power of the Ombudsman is derived from the office’s reputation for fairness, objectivity, tact and concern for the welfare of all members of the university. The office remains a strategic part of WSU’s commitment to pursuing educational excellence with productivity, due process and fairness.